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Zellie black pram straps
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Zellie Pram Straps – black

These pram straps are a must-have item when using a pram/stroller. You simply loop the strap around the handle on each side and attach the clasp to the rings on your bag. Full instructions given in a step by step diagram.

The canvas grips to the handle and therefore will stay in place when you remove the bag, no need to keep putting them on and off. This means that you have easy access to the contents of your bag as there is no long strap in your way when you are trying to get into your bag.

Product Highlights:

  • Strong Canvas with chrome clasps
  • Fits any pram handle4.95
  • Attaches to any bag which has a ring/loop on each side
  • The canvas grips to pram handle, so bag stays in place
  • Flat fabric, which won’t damage pram handlePacket contains:
    2 x pram straps
    1 x instruction card

Size: 13 x 1 x 12 cm
Weight: 59g

This product is part of the Zellie brand and was designed by author of The Nest Planner, Rebecca Patterson. Zellie is a British brand which designs clever bags and products to keep things stress free and organised. Its baby range has won multiple awards for its simple, effective and stylish design.


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