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Filled Hospital Kit Bag – Standard

A pre-packed kit bag containing all the essentials needed for you and baby. Created by author of best selling pregnancy book The Nest Planner, Rebecca Patterson, this bag gives you the reassurance that you have all the essentials, organised for when they are needed for labour and a one night stay in hospital.  Over 24 different items are packed and ready for you, including a list of other things you need to add such as your birth notes, clothes for you/baby and snacks. Because we use our own brand products/buy in volume, we are able to keep the cost much lower when this is purchased as a set, rather than if each item is bought individually.

Delivered in our signature Nest Planner cotton drawstring bag, the following items are included in our standard bag:

Note: if you would like to add a Nest Planner Hospital bag to your order, we will pack it for you. Full description of all the bags can be found in our changing bag/hospital bag section.

– Slippers

– Fluffy socks (colour will vary)

– Bag for dirty clothes


– 2 x Straws

– 1 x Packing list of extras you might want to include


– Lip balm

– Cotton flannel

– Hair band

– 30 x Breast pads
 – natural and organic

– 10 x Maternity pads – natural and organic

– Toothbrush and paste

– Eye mask

– Ear plugs

– Face wipes

– Hair brush

– Box of tissues

– Shampoo and shower gel mini


For baby:

– Hat
 – 100% cotton

– Anti scratch mittens
 – 100% cotton

– 6 x Newborn nappies, natural and organic

– 6 x Nappy sacks

– Cotton wool balls (for bathing)

This is a genuine Nest Planner Gold product.


The best, quality products have been chosen using natural organic materials where possible:

*Nipple Pads* 

30 x Eco by Naty Nursing Pads – Absorbent, Compostable Pads Made of Bamboo, Pulp and Compostable film, 0% Plastic

-100% Natural and renewable material certified by vinçotte

-Plant-based & compostable, soft and thin for maximum comfort

– Adhesive keeps pads in place

– Made of extra soft plant-based bamboo, pulp and 100 % compostable film

– Individual wrapping in 100 % certified compostable film

– No oil-based plastic. No perfumes or dyes

*Maternity Pads*

(Pack of 10) – Natracare Organic Cotton New Mother Maternity Pads

Natracare has long established and trusted reputation amongst women seeking chemical-free sanitary protection.

They have now added a New Mother line onto their natural range. These New Mother Maternity pads are free from plastics synthetics and super absorbents made from petro-chemicals which can have a negative impact both on women’s health and the environment. By making these high quality products from pure materials which are totally chlorine free (TCF) Natracare is providing new mothers with a purer untainted choice at a time which women are naturally more aware and concerned about the health and care of their bodies.

This longer pad has an extra soft cover especially for use after giving birth.

-Latex free.

-Chlorine free.

-Plastic free.

-Perfume free.

-Natural materials.

-Extra soft cover.


*Facial Wipes* (Pack of 25) 

– Pure™ Tea Tree Cleansing Facial Wipes

-Dermatologically Tested

-Effectively removes impurities

-Cleanse, tones and refreshes skin

-Removes make-up and waterproof mascara

-Enriched with tea tree oil – peppermint oil – witch hazel

*Body Wash* 

1 x 30ml Bath Foam & Shower Gel bottle from Duck Island’s Classic range


1 x 30ml shampoo bottle from Duck Island’s Pelican Spa range

*Lip Balm* 

1 x ChapStick™ Classic original lip balm


1 x 50ml Sanex Dermo Sensitive 24h Anti Perspirant Roll-on Deodorant

*Tooth Brush & Toothpaste*

1 x Dental Kit

*Hair Brush* 

1 x Black Paddle Hairbrush

*Cube box of Tissues* 

1 x Box of Cube 2 Ply Facial Tissues

 *2 x Straws*

– ALINK Gold Foil Paper Straws Biodegradable Disposable Drinking Straws

-Made of biodegradable environmental friendly materials and food safe ink, no plastic, BPA FREE, Lead free

-Thick and sturdy, can hold up great and will not fall apart or melt in hot / cold liquid for an extended period of time


*Bed Socks* 

1 Pair Ladies Girls Winter Warm Soft Fluffy Bed Sock Lounge Slipper Fleece Sock (Comes in various pastel colours – colours will vary)



1 Pair of Comfort Vienna Open Toe Slippers Grey

Completed by a reassuringly steady sole and with a fluffy, fuzzy finish, Vienna open toe slippers are a practical choice for luxurious hotels or spas.

Product features

-Material Cotton Towelling & EVA

-Weight 60g

-Colour Grey


-Slip-resistant sole

-One size fits all


-For Baby-

*Cotton Wool Balls for Bathing*

Pack of 100 Cotton Balls

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Balls

*Cotton Hat*

– 100% Cotton

*Cotton Scratch Mits*

– 100% Cotton

*6 x Nappies*

– Newborn – 6 x Moltex Pure & Nature Size 1 Newborn Nappies

The relaunch of Moltex Nature to Moltex Pure & Nature takes the brand out of the eco segment into a popular brand that focuses on safety & naturalness without compromising the ecological aspect. The new product concept uses natural ingredients making it ecological in use. The product is softer which improves comfort for the baby.

*6 x Nappy Bags*

This is a stress free, easy way to get all the essentials so you are packed and ready.


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