The Nest Planner

Earn money & be your own BOSS

“The best people to sell products are those who have them, use them and love them”

After a successful trial, we have launched NEST-IT.

In short, you have access to set up your own business and sell products across our three brands, the key one being our baby gift brand Not Before Tea:

  • The Nest Planner – pregnancy and organisation
  • Not Before Tea – baby gift products
  • Zellie –  hospital and baby bags + accessories

You choose which products you want to sell, where you want to sell them and how much time you want to invest. If you want a full time job doing this, then go for it!

This is designed to fit in with your lifestyle, whether you are pregnant, a new parent or simply wanting to start a new venture and run a business that fits in around your life, rather than the other way round.

All the information is below…

1) Where can I sell?

SOCIAL: Once we agree your franchise name, you can run your own FB page and instagram page.

EVENTS: You can run a stand at markets, fairs, fetes, craft and gift Shows. In our experience, this is the best and easiest was to sell!  Rather than give you own postcode, we operate a first come, first served basis for events. You can have a stall anywhere in the world as long as you email us first, to check it has not been booked by someone else (you want to be the exclusive seller at the event). We have no problem with you booking the large baby shows either, as long as HQ are not selling the same products. The world is your oyster! Note: you are responsible for the booking and payment of the stand in all cases. You will need to purchase the stock from us prior to each event.

COFFEE MORNINGS & PARTIES: A tried and trusted way to sell is to hold parties and sell the products there.

CODES: Don’t want to set up your own page but have remote people that want to purchase? We will set you up with a unique code for you to share. You will get commission off each sale and we will pay this at the end of each month.

GIFT & BABY SHOPS AND GARDEN CENTRES: Serious about this? You can sell the products in to these stores (as long as we are not already in them!). You won’t get as high margin as selling direct but you will get volume and repeat business. If you would like to sell to stores we would need to chat to you first to ensure continuity with our trade customers.

2) How much will I earn?

We keep things simple. You will earn 35% of the advertised RRP (higher than Stella & Dot and Avon).  For example: 1 x Pip the Mouse soft toy is £19.95 – you earn £6.98.  What you choose to sell the item for is up to you, but the commission you get is based on the advertised RRP on our website.

3) How much does it cost to join?

There is no joining fee to be a consultant but there is a small investment of £10.95 to get your first delivery of 20 x catalogues. This includes space for you to include your contact details. We also advise you to buy a sample set of products, so people can touch and feel the collection (samples can be purchased at 50% off the RRP – minimum order of £100). You will also be given the option to buy business cards and a branded bag to carry the samples. These items are not compulsory, just there if you want them.

4) How do I get the products to my customers?

The cheapest way is for us to send a weekly/fortnightly delivery to you for £6.95 which can be lost in the price you choose to sell the products at.

If you would like us to post the goods direct to the customer this is fine – we will just deduct £2.95 off your commission for that order.

Once you get started, we recommend that you purchase a certain level of stock, so you always have enough in.

5) Can I earn anymore than my 35% commission?

Yes you can! There are set targets, and if they are hit you are rewarded with gift vouchers to spend across our collection.

6) What support will I get?

We are on hand to help with stall display ideas, product descriptions and any thing else you might need. You will get a dedicated person to email, Monday-Friday (and often weekends to be honest!). We will also write you a press release, about your new business, for you to send to your local paper if you would like.

7) How do I join?

Just complete the form below and we will get you on-board and ready to go.

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